Silvermoon Children’s Theatre will present Rumpelstiltskin 2.0 from August 1-5.

This is an original story by Rhett Thompson. Tickets are $5.

From August 1-4, shows will be held at 9AM and 2:30PM. And on August 5 there will be three shows at 9AM, 6PM and 7:30PM.

Tickets are on sale now.

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Prompted by a desire to help build healthy, happy people by investing in the Texarkana community’s young people and having a non-profit mindset, Silvermoon Children's Theatre cultivates creativity under control using the dramatic arts by channeling the innate talents of the young to provide entertaining, uplifting children’s theatre that enriches audiences and participants alike.

The mission of Silvermoon Children's Theatre is to provide entertaining, professional quality theatre, performed by children for audiences of all ages. They educate, challenge and inspire youth, support the learning environment, and build strong community values.