Infidelity is rarely kept secret. The old story of the wife being the last to know only happens when the wife isn't paying attention. There are seven signs to be exact.

Russell Amor, who blogs about a male's perspective on relationships, dating and the single life, has outlined in Chicago Now the tell-tale warning signs your partner is cheating on you.

1. The confidential cell phone
It's a rare cheater whose cell phone won't give him away. That is why he acts as if the contents of his phone are top secret. If you can wrest it away from him, chances are you'll find the proof you need to confirm his illicit relationship.

2. Unhappiness
if your relationship seems strong and relatively happy without major issues but your partner isn't happy, you can be fairly sure there is someone else.

3. Emphasis on social life
while emotionally healthy couples do have social lives independent of one another, when that social life become more important than the time you spend together, it could mean he is leading a secret life.

4. Atypical nitpicking
if he's starting arguments or picking on you about little things that never were an issue before, he could be looking for excuses to leave you. It's a complicated psychological way of projecting onto you the guilt he feels.

5. Disinterested, distant and distracted
if your partner isn't showing his usual interest in sex, it could be a sign he's getting fulfillment elsewhere. Also, if he seems distant and distracted, he could be immersed in pleasurable thoughts of his new lover.

6. Remnants of another person
You don't have to be a forensic scientist to know that strands of hair in his car or the scent of another woman's perfume on his clothes means something.

7. Jealousy and insecurity
As Amor says, "You reap what you sow. Those who find the slightest suspicion in the most obscure places are usually guilty themselves."