A controversy is brewing in Texarkana Arkansas.

Texarkana Arkansas Ward 2 director Laney Harris is calling the current practice of towing unsightly or unsafe vehicles unconstitutional.

Harris filed a suit in May after city officials tried to tow an abandoned car in Harris' front yard on Ninth Street in Texarkana Arkansas. Harris wants the city to stop towing vehicles without an order signed from the judge.

If you have an abandoned vehicle in your yard the city tags it and you have ten days to remove the offending car or they will remove it at your expense. The average cost to get your car back is 300 dollars and then you need to also pay to have it towed back to your home. If the vehicle is in your back yard there is no issue, if it is visible from the street it could be deemed unsightly and tagged.

City attorney C. Burt Newell said that this policy is uniformly upheld and no one person is singled out or picked on. Newell said the policy to keep the city streets and neighborhoods more appealing.