Considering how close Shakira and Rihanna got while filming the video for "Can't Remember to Forget You," you'd be forgiven for thinking that the two women are now the best of friends.  But Shakira says their lives are too different for them to actually spend much time together.

"She’s very cool. She’s a big diva but very down-to-earth," Shakira tells the British paper The Sun. "She is still the girl next door -- approachable and humble. We are friends and text each other, but our lives are in different geographic places. She’s quite a busy woman and so am I."

Shakira certainly is busy: in addition to her duties as a coach on The Voice, she's prepping for the release of her new, self-titled album next week. She's also contemplating how she'll say goodbye to her boyfriend, football star Gerard Pique, and their son Milan if she decides to hit the road to promote it.

"I’m trying to work out how I’m going to do my next tour," she tells The Sun. "I miss Gerard when I’m away and the baby is so little. I sometimes feel guilty.”

Speaking of Milan, Shakira says he seems to be taking after both his parents.

"Milan goes to Gerard's soccer games, he loves them," she says. "The only way I can get him to watch TV is if [Gerard's team is] playing. He kicks a ball all day long."  As for the music side of things, Shakira reveals that not only does Milan sing a bit -- he's featured on one track on her album but he dances, too.

"He does a dance move like mine where he shakes his belly out. He looks just like me," she laughs.