Sammy Fox & The Intervention will be live at Hopkins Icehouse in Texarkana Friday Night.

Sammy Fox,a self-taught musician; sings, plays bass, guitar, piano, and drums very well. His love for music (specifically drums) started at the tender age of 3yrs old. As his skill progressed, he became a well known name in the music community. His musical ability took him all across the United States, Canada and Mexico at the age of 16 where he marched Drum Corps International. Sammy was signed on as an endorsee with a Custom Drum Company in 2009.

Sammy found music irresistible, causing him to seek other avenues of expression in addition to playing drums. He began dabbling in the piano shortly after his 16th birthday where he began writing music for the first time. At the age of 18, Sammy picked up the guitar and started writing music more seriously between tours performing drumset. via