I video taped my trip in this morning so you could see what the roads looked like before you head out this morning. I purposely hit the breaks on some of the bridges so I could tell our listeners if it was slippery out this morning or not.

Most of the roads were not bad at all except a few of the bridges which were icy. The bridge right by Cooper Tire made me cringe when I went over it so I didn't hit my breaks on that one. There was a semi-truck RIGHT behind me (aka 'on my butt') which is another reason I didn't test that bridge out for you.

I live in the country area of Miller County. It was early when I left for work this morning, around 5AM, so keep in mind that the roads may get worse as more rain, sleet and snow falls.

Tune into Power95.9 for weather updates, road conditions and school or business closures for our area.

Road Conditions on Arkansas Blvd

Miller County Roads - in the County

Loop 245 (with a semi on my tail)

I-549 Bridges a Little Icy

Getting onto Loop 245

Made it to work safe and sound. Hopefully you do the same.