If Rihanna had to apologize for everything she's ever done that has earned her criticism over the years,  including and especially her relationship with Chris Brown, she wouldn't have time to sing.  That's probably one reason she's titled her new album Unapologetic. 

Rihanna revealed the title in a tweet to fans, writing, "My New album 'Unapologetic' will be released on November 19th Worldwide."  She also revealed the album cover art via Instagram; it shows the singer naked from the waist up, with one elbow covering one breast, and the album title covering the other.  The singer's body is also covered with words like "victory," "happy," "fearless," "chalice," "faith" and "fun."  It's unclear if these are song titles or just words she likes -- though one word is "Diamonds," the title of Rihanna's current single.

Also scrawled on Rihanna's body is "#Navy," a reference to her nickname for her fans, as well as the word "Roc," a reference, no doubt, to Roc Nation.  Visible beneath her breasts is her new tattoo, which represents the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Unapologetic" will be Rihanna's seventh album since 2005.