Victoria's Secret models know a little something about being sexy, so who better to compile a list of the women who are defining the term in 2013?  The annual Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy?" list has been revealed, and Rihanna, Beyonce and Shakira are all included.

Beyonce is named "Sexiest Songstress" on this year's list, while Rihanna gets the title of "Sexiest Bikini Body," which she's constantly flaunting in Instagram photos.  As for Voicecoach Shakira, she gets the title of "Sexiest Curves"  not bad for a woman who gave birth to her first child five months ago.

Other non-musicians who made the list include Jessica Chastain, named Sexiest Actress; Jennifer Lawrence, with Sexiest Sense of Humor; Blake Lively, with Sexiest Legs; Kerry Washington, with Sexiest Lips; and Amanda Seyfried, with Sexiest Hair.

Unfortunately, there is no category for "Sexiest Serial Dater of Victoria's Secret Models," but if there was, you know Adam Levine would get the title hands down.