Rihanna's eagerly-anticipated video for "Where Have You Been" has now premiered on Vevo. Unlike some of her other recent clips, there's nothing too shocking or controversial to be seen: just a whole lot of Ri-Ri.

The clip begins with a seemingly half-amphibian, half-human Rihanna submerged in a pond up to her eyes, and then emerging from the water. The actions then switches back and forth between that aquatic scene, one in which the singer dances in the desert with shirtless hunks,

one in which she's dancing in a hut with female backup dancers, and one in which she appears to have many arms like a Hindu goddess. Those scenes are all intercut with shots of Rihanna topless, with her hair up, and with her covering her chest.

"Where Have You Been" is the fifth single from Rihanna's album Talk That Talk. Like the album's first single, "We Found Love," it features writing and production from Calvin Harris.