Jennifer Lopez will perform on the American Idol finale next week to debut her new single.  But if Fox has anything to say about it, she'll come back next year as a judge.  Despite denials, an insider said that the show's executives are "chasing" J-Lo to return to the show.

"Fox is chasing her. They want her back," dishes the insider.  "She has not made her mind up about it.  She is on the fence.  They wanted her to replace Mariah [Carey].  There was no way she was going to do that."  That's a reference to the rumor that the execs wanted to pull Mariah off the show halfway through and install J-Lo as her replacement.

The insider continues, referring to the execs and the star, "They started talking to her hard about next year.  She really liked doing it but the big question is if she should do it again.”