Chris Brown insists he did not start the Sunday night fight with Frank Ocean at a Los Angeles-area recording studio, and he’s reportedly anxious to tell police exactly what went down.

Law enforcement sources say that Chris’ attorney, Mark Geragos, has contacted investigators and informed them that the singer is ready and willing to give them all the details about the incident because he has nothing to hide.

Sources say the attorney has surveillance video of the last few moments of the fight that shows Chris isn't throwing any punches.  The gossip website says the video also shows that Frank doesn’t throw any punches.  The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on Monday released a statement declaring that they were investigating Brown on battery charges, but had not yet spoken with him.

TMZ says the video does show the respective posses fighting, but it may not tell the whole story because it only captures the end of the fight.

The fight began in the parking lot where, there were no cameras, and moved into the lobby where there were cameras positioned.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says its investigation of the incident is ongoing.