Take this with a grain of salt, considering the source, but a British tabloid claims that after Coldplay puts out its new album Ghost Stories in May, the band will release a second new album in 2015.

The Daily Star quotes an unnamed source at the band's record label, who says, "Ghost Stories is sort of a low-key release for Coldplay. It’s their chance to try out some different ideas on a smaller scale before coming back next year with a more traditional record."

The source then muses that perhaps Coldplay is trying to follow in the footsteps of U2 --who quickly followed up Achtung Baby with Zooropa as well as Radiohead's one-two punch of Kid-A and Amnesiac, before offering a prediction about the band's possible tour schedule.

"There probably won’t be a huge amount of activity from the band this year, just smaller dates," says the source. "Next year is when fans can look forward to some much bigger Coldplay tour dates."

In the meantime, the video for "Magic," the first single from Ghost Storiesis streaming live now.  Ghost Stories features nine tracks and is scheduled to arrive in stores and digital outlets on May 19. An exclusive deluxe edition being offered by Target will include three bonus tracks.  If you pre-order the album now on iTunes, you'll receive an instant download of "Magic."