The Area Red Dirt Master Gardeners Seed and Plant Swap is coming up this Saturday April 20th in Texarkana.The event will be held at the Gateway Farmers Market between 9 and 11 a.m. Rules for the event include:

1. No Swaps before 9 a.m.

2. Bring only healthy plants, seeds, cuttings,working tools, or pots.

3. Label items with its name (Latin), type, and ideal growing conditions.

4. Protect Wild Plants: Please do not list for trade wild plants or protected species.

5. Be honest: Give others the benefit of the doubt.

6. Follow the Golden Rule: Give to others what you would want to receive.

7. If you prearrange one to one trades ahead of time, do not put them out in the fair game area. Leave them in your car.

8. Do not meet people at their car to get "first dibs."

9. Please clean up after yourself.

10. What comes must go. Leave the market as you found it.

For more information call the Miller County Extension Service at (870) 779-3609.

photo by John Williams