These puppies were apparently dumped in a ditch on Kings Highway in Texarkana, Texas recently. The momma dog was with the originally but was no were to be seen when the puppies were picked up.

At first the puppies were skittish and running away. They hid in a culvert. Some good Samaritans were able to coax them out and loaded them up. They were pitching into the help after reading on Facebook that the pups were in danger of being ran over.

Both families that helped rescue these babies met at the shelter to get the puppies to safety. I couldn't resist an opportunity to hang out with dogs and kids on such a beautiful day to take pics and videos. Hopefully this will help find new loving homes for these babies!

Contact Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas if you are interested in adopting one of these puppies. 870-773-6388.