These puppies were dumped in a ditch on Kings Highway in Texarkana, Texas recently. The momma dog was with the originally but was no were to be seen when the puppies were picked up. There were originally five puppies but one is no longer with them so we are hoping to find the four remaining pups new homes. These puppies are GREAT with Kids!

Each of these puppies has their own unique qualities. The dark brindle girl loves to play fetch. The light brindle girl is a hugger and loves to cuddle. The big tan boy is very outgoing and bosses his siblings around a bit...he is the enforcer. The brindle boy is playful and fun-loving. The smaller brown and white puppy is no longer at the shelter.

At first the puppies were skittish and running away. They hid in a culvert. Some good Samaritans were able to coax them out and loaded them up. They read about the puppies on Facebook. The puppies were on a busy highway and in danger of being ran over.

Both families that helped rescue these babies met at the shelter to get the puppies to safety.


The Facts:

There are thousands of dogs that are euthanized every year in our shelter in Texarkana. Please help us make a difference by spreading the word. The shelter's adoption fees range from $40 to $144, depending on the gender and size of the animal or whether they have been spayed or neutered yet. You can also have your pet micro-chipped for only $20 right at the shelter! That way if your pet is ever lost, he can be returned to you quickly.


The Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 203 Harrison St., Texarkana, Ark. 71854 and is open Monday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.