These adorable pups are just jumping for joy without a care of the possible fate that could await them if homes are not found in time. Yes, there is a time limit and although the exact amount of time is not set in stone, they cannot stay at the shelter indefinitely. Homes must be found if these dogs are to live a healthy and happy life.

They are currently at the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas, but could easily be your next best buddy.

They are having best time jumping around the kennel trying to get my attention. Such sweet innocence.

There are dogs that never make it out of the shelter alive. It was a very sad day for the white dog shown below. He looked so sweet from the other side of the fence. I had been watching him for a few weeks and decided to feature him in this week's pet blog but when the shelter employee tried to take him out of the kennel for me the dog started trying to bite everyone. Unfortunately this was not the first time he had tried to bite. As they took him away I wanted to reach out and say "wait! I will take him!" but the reality is they cannot all be saved when there isn't enough help to do it. When they walked him down the hallway he jumped at the office worker and tried to bite her too. This poor dog needed the proper training to prevent this situation from ever becoming a situation. Please get your dogs the training they need and please spay and neuter your dogs. It broke my heart that this dog was sentenced to death for something that a human hadn't done for him before he was taken to the shelter.

Poor Nickolas

Mimi/Muttley Crew Rescue

The shelter's adoption fees range from $40 to $144, depending on the gender and size of the animal or whether they have been spayed or neutered yet. You can also have your pet micro-chipped for only $20 right at the shelter! That way if your pet is ever lost, he can be returned to you quickly.


The Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 203 Harrison St., Texarkana, Ark. 71854 and is open Monday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.