Cinnabon has just opened up a test kitchen at the Atlanta-based Cumberland Mall to pump out new products like croissants, an apple danish, cupcakes, breakfast sandwiches, and this cool looking Pizzabon.The Pizzabon isn't sweet but it does use the trademark Cinnabon dough, topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni.

The Pizzabon’s success is based on the testing that will occur in the mall setting. The company's spokes people also remarked on the importance of this test location, which allows for other Cinnabon franchisees to visit and determine what type of store and menu they’ll end up wanting.

Additional reasoning for the creation of this live test kitchen is for Cinnabon to branch out into more savory and fulfilling meals. The chain’s food is often regarded as a treat, which the Atlanta Journal-Constitution say often leaves lulls during Cinnabon’s business hours as customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner

If Cinnabon can find a way to get that Pizzabon flavor to waft throughout the mall the same way they do their cinnamon rolls, they might be able to lure more people in for a full meal.