Pink's new video, for her latest single "True Love," is a real family affair: it stars her husband, Carey Hart, and their daughter, Willow Sage.

In the lighthearted clip, Pink sings about her love/hate relationship with Hart while looking into a mirror, performing on stage, and playing with Willow while Hart lounges on the couch.  He's also seen riding his bicycle around an empty arena while Pink rehearses.  Those images are intercut with super-saturated color '80s-style video images of Pink, Hart and Willow, and graphic images like hearts and stars.

Vegetables are a theme in the video as well, strangely.  Willow is seen playing with a group of stuffed vegetables, and then during the song's bridge, guest vocalist Lily Allenis seen viciously chopping carrots and broccoli and putting them in a blender.  We then see images of vegetables swirling around with Pink among them, and then Pink, who's a vegetarian, holding up a glass of what looks like a green smoothie.

There's also plenty of footage of Pink flying over the audience while singing, as she does every night on her Truth About Love tour, which is currently traveling through Australia.