Kate Middleton, otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge, has had to go to the hospital due to her severe morning sickness.  Pink, who gave birth to daughter Willow in 2011, says she feels sorry for Kate, but says her own pregnancy didn't involve nausea: it involved rage.

According to sources, Pink says, "I didn’t have morning sickness at all, I just had genuine rage throughout my ­pregnancy.  I’m talking 28 Days Later rage.  Demonic eyes.  I wanted to kill everybody."  She adds, "I wasn't pukey, I was just angry.  I was having fights in supermarkets and telling people to p*** off all the time."

Noting that in general, she's a bit of an intimidating person, Pink tells the paper, "I completely understand why people can be scared of me.  But underneath all that rage, I’m a petite tulip.”

Pink's gearing up for her Truth About Love tour, which kicks off in the new year, and she says the kinds of stunts she has planned for her live show are giving her problems with her insurance company.

"I have no idea how I get insured.  I have to show them option A, B and C in any given situation.  I need to show that I won’t die," she explains.  "So it’s a case of me saying if this rope fails me then I can jump on to that rope and I won’t kill myself.  I always try my hardest not to die."

We've already gotten a taste of Pink's live show from her amazing dance performance of "Try" at the American Music Awards.  "That was a performance that made me nervous," she reveals.  "It was a ‘I hope I don’t fall, smash my head open and my brains come out’ nervous.  It was insane.”