Texarkana Animal League, along with Little Paws Rescue, will have an adoption event on Sunday, Oct. 6 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at Petsmart in Texarkana. There will be a variety of dogs and cats looking for homes. Adoption fees vary per dog, and cat adoption fees are $80. All of these animals are current on their vaccines, have been spayed or neutered (or will require a sterilization agreement); many are even microchipped.

The groups and individuals that run these dog rescues pay to have the animals vetted. The money comes out of their pockets as well as from donations and adoption fees. If you would like to donate to these groups please stop by the event on Sunday and make a donation or visit the rescue's website:

Your donations are tax deductible if donated through the Texarkana Animal League -- be sure to specify which rescue you are donating to.

Here are some of the dogs that will be at the event:

Brett/Texarkana Animal League
Jana/Texarkana Animal League
Mason/Texarkana Animal League
Nate/Texarkana Animal League
Tisha/Texarkana Animal League

This is a litter from one of two dogs rescued by a young man at a church camp where they had been dumped. After rescuing the dogs it was discovered that one of them was pregnant. The puppies are now ready to go to new homes and will require a sterilization agreement.

Petsmart is located at 117 Richmond Road Ranch in Texarkana, Texas.

Please consider adoption before buying a puppy or kitten. The Texarkana Animal League is a 501c3 nonprofit run by a group of volunteers that is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in our community.