Heading down memory lane all the way back to your childhood. Some of those memories are very powerful. There are many family memories of course, but what about those people that touched your life and influenced you in someway.

I can remember Shelly from when I was 5 years old. She grossed me out so much that I cannot erase the memory out of my head when she explained which boogers she ate and which ones she wiped on the welcome mat.


Fonder memories would be of Mr. Ford who was my third grade teacher. I remember him because he always had candy bars in his desk. Turns out he was diabetic and the sugar was for those times he needed it. That took me a few years to figure out.

What are some of your favorite memories from childhood?Some childhood memories are triggered by smells or places. When I smell a fruity lip gloss I think of my BFF Wendy and those fat lip glosses from back in the day, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers I think. I had a few melt in my purse which forever sealed the smell and that memory in my head.

From Uncoached.com, here are some of the people that you never forget from your childhood:

  • Your First Grade Teacher
  • Your School Lunch Lady
  • A Camp Counselor
  • A Wacky Bus Driver
  • First Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Person You Kissed

My first kiss was with a boy named Mike. I remember he was wearing a 7-up shirt. We were standing in a field beside my BFF Wendy's house. I was moving away so it was one of those do or die moments, or so I thought.

I can't say that my bus driver, Mr. Sweat, was wacky. He was pretty calm but there was this thing he could do with his ears. He could wiggle just his ears. I thought that was pretty amazing.

What are your top five people that you never forgot from childhood?