For all the talk of a feud between The Wanted and One Direction, there hasn't really been much evidence of ill feelings between the two British boy bands...until now. Look out this article may have some bleeped out language in it. In a seemingly unprovoked attack, 1D's Zayn Malik has lashed out at The Wanted's Max George on Twitter, and called him several insulting names.

It all started when Max posted a picture of himself with Korean rapper PSY on Twitter.  Zayn responded, "‘The first step is acceptance," and added the hashtag "#geekoftheweek."  Max replied, jokingly, "Does that mean I'm 'in'?"  Zayn then became aggressive, writing, "I'm not sure why your still talking to me mate conversation ended when I called you a geek. p.s your display just [shows] how much of a wannabe you are :)."  Max responded, "That's not very nice. I was just starting to like you and your RnB hits."

Then Max's bandmate Tom Parker jumped to his defense, saying that Zayn, who he called "1 stripes" because of the streak in his hair, must have gotten "his knickers in a twist."  Zayn snapped at Tom, "mate if I had a face like yours my hair would be the last thing I'd worry about :)."

Then Zayn said that he had leave for rehearsals, prompting Max to reply, "'Enjoy rehearsals. Stay off the bud... It clearly makes u cranky," implying that the 1D member smokes a lot of weed.   But Zayn's response to that was bizarre and disgusting: he tweeted, "Alright, chlamydia boy."

"Chlamydia" is a sexually-transmitted infection.  British tabloids note that Max's former girlfriend was seen talking to Zayn's current girlfriend, and speculate that perhaps the two women shared some intimate information which led to Zayn's insult.

Max's response to Zayn's tweet: "Tell me you're [sic] problems without the 8 security in NYC. The only problem I have with you is the sh** banter. Grow up son."  To which Zayn replied, "id f***ng love to, see you in new York big man ha u clown."