One Direction's new single is "Live While We're Young," a sentiment that fits with Pepsi's new ad campaign, "Live for Now."  No wonder the British boy band has been tapped to star in the soft drink giant's new commercial.

The thirty-second ad, which also features NFL star Drew Brees, premiered Wednesday night during The X Factor, and will be seen throughout the MLB Playoffs, the World Series, the NFL season and more.  Titled "Showdown," the ad features Brees and 1D facing off in a head-to-head competition for a can of Pepsi.

1D and Brees meet up in the green room of a TV talk show.  Harry Styles tries to snag the last can of Pepsi out of the fridge, but Brees stops him, saying, "C'mon, kid, I'm Drew Brees."  "Well I'm Harry!" he replies, prompting a "Who?" from Brees.  The rest of the band pop up, as Liam Payne says, "From One Direction?"  "We've got a platinum album," adds Louis Tomlinson, holding up a plaque.  "Dudes, won the Super Bowl," retorts Brees, brandishing his ring.  Holding out a copy of Billboard magazine, Harry says, "On the cover." Brees then holds up his MVP trophy, prompting an "Oh yeah?" from Zayn Malik.   "Yeah," states Brees.

Finally, Niall Horan tells Brees, "If you give him the Pepsi, you can be in the band." "Really?" says Brees.  The spot ends with Brees onstage with 1D, singing "Live While We're Young" -- badly.

Fans who use the music ID software Shazam on the new ad will be able to view exclusive content, and link to iTunes to buy the new single.