We're used to seeing One Direction frolic through their videos in color, but in the brand-new clip for their new song "Little Things," the guys have toned things down a bit.

The black-and-white clip shows the Fab Five sitting around in a recording studio, singing the romantic, Ed Sheeran-penned ballad while Liam PayneLouis Tomlinson andNiall Horan play guitar.  At various times, whoever happens to be taking the lead on the track lead stares soulfully into the camera while singing the words "I'm in love with you."

To break up the serious mood, at one point, Zayn Malik starts poking Harry Styles in the cheek, while everyone cracks up.

On Friday, a sampler video containing snippets of all the songs on the group's new album Take Me Home leaked online, but was then taken down due to copyright issues.