Following the debut of a teaser on British TV last week, One Direction has released the full-length official trailer for their upcoming 3D movie 1D3D.  This one adds even more footage of the guys commenting on their success. adding to the footage they previewed last week with more comments from the band and interviews with their moms, who get pretty emotional.

The video clip opens with dramatic percussion and the sounds of Directioners screaming their adoration.  As visuals from 1D's world tour flash across the screen, the five band mates talk about what it means to be a part of 1D.  "I don't know if you could have more of a dramatic life change.  It's huge, man," says Louis Tomlinson.  "Look where we are."

Marveling at the group's success, Harry Styles adds, "Three or four years ago...[just think about] what we were doing then, and now the five of us, a world the biggest arenas."

But the movie will also show the downside to being one of the hottest bands on the planet.  "The hardest thing about the travel is missing home and missing family," says 1D's Niall Horan, and that's illustrated with footage of the guys' moms getting emotional over missing their little boys.

Liam Payne's mother Karen is seen crying, "He goes away for so long.  I never know where he is in the world." In another scene,  Zayn Malik is talking on the phone when he asks, "Are you crying, Mum?  Well, get off the phone before I start crying."  And as Harry shares a close embrace with his mom, Anne Cox, she says, "No matter how big and famous you become, you'll always be my baby."

1D3D opens in theaters in the U.S. on August 30.