The meteorological summer of 2011 is now officially the hottest summer on record since 1896 when they started keeping records in Texarkana. From a press release put out by the OEM,

From June 1st, through August 31st Texarkana averaged a summertime temperature of 87.3 degrees.  This easily breaks the former warmest summer on record during 1939, and 1954 with an average temperature of 85.0 degrees.

There was also a new record set for rainfall, or lack there of.  From June 1st to August 31st the rainfall total at the official recording station, the airport, was on 1.83 inches.  Before this the driest summers on record were 1896 with only 2.62 inches, followed by 1954 with only 2.64 inches of precipitation.

Expect even more records to be broken over the next month, or two as there are still quite a few 100+ degree days in our forecast, and very little chance of relief.  So, be sure to keep hydrated, and schedule your outdoor work for early in the mornings or late in the evenings when it is cooler.