Lines are likely to form at your local favorite store today. That is the ones that sell the Mega Millions Lottery Ticket.

The game that is played in 42 states as a record U.S. Jackpot tonight of an estimated $540 million dollars.

However I would not recommend spending that money your dreaming of winning just yet. A mathematician states your chances of winning at one  in 176 million, which he says is less than your chance of getting struck by “lightning”. That’s right you are 50 times more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the mega millions. The professor says if you buy 50 tickets then you chance is the same as getting struck by that lightning.

Of course that is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm for buying the tickets on a whim and a dream. So look for long lines since the mega millions is sold on both sides of Texarkana.

I have not played the lottery in years, and I can of doubt I will buy a ticket today, but to me I really don’t get anymore excited over a regular $3 million dollar ticket and a $540 million dollar ticket, both are more money than I would ever need in what time I have left on this Earth.

Good Luck and stay indoors during Thunderstorms, and away from stores today if you are wanting to buy a soda or a pack of gum…………