How would you like to own your very own night vision phone, or even night vision contact lenses?

Thanks to a super smart team of researchers at the University of Michigan, night vision technology is about to get a lot more affordable.

Prior to this breakthrough, night vision could only be used with that clunky, huge goggle contraption that you see in movies, but now, thanks to Zhaohui Zhong and his team, they have made it super thin.

How cool would that be!?! Sure, they'd probably mostly be used for the military, but, imagine having them to walk home late at night!

If an attacker were sneaking up on someone, then they'd totally be able to have forewarning and fend them off!!

But, it gets even better because that's not all the tech could be used for!

When talking of the design, they said:

"We can make the entire design super-thin. It can be stacked on a contact lens or integrated with a cell phone. Our work pioneered a new way to detect light. We envision that people will be able to adopt this same mechanism in other material and device platforms.

Night vision capable cellphones!?!?

Plus, the technology can be used for helping doctors monitor blood flow without having to move a patient AND help art historians detect older layers of paint on a canvas!

via perez hilton