(NOTE LANGUAGE) It was the meltdown seen around the world. Nicki Minaj's rant on the set of American Idol made headlines this past summer, and Wednesday night's Idol broadcast from the Charlotte, North Carolina, auditions revealed what got Nicki so upset.

It all started as the judges were listening to Idol hopeful Summer Cunningham try out with Bill Withers' "Lean On Me."  The judges all liked the performance, and judge Randy Jackson told her she should sing country. Summer told the judges she'd "tried the country thing" and was now trying to go more R&B. Country star judge Keith Urban didn't know what to make of her statement about trying out country, and fellow judge Mariah Carey thought Summer had a good country voice too.

Nicki clearly didn't like all the debate about where Summer's voice fell in the spectrum between R&B and country. She accused Randy and Mariah of trying to put the singers in specific genres, and everyone in the panel started talking over each other, defending their positions. Keith interrupted and confirmed that Summer was going to Hollywood, but the argument was far from over.

The specific footage shown on the leaked tape of Nicki's full-on meltdown that set the Internet on fire this past summer was not shown on Wednesday night's show though. The rest of the auditions weren't nearly as dramatic either.