Nickelback's Here and Now tour opens Tonight in Moline, Illinois, and the band has one goal in mind: to send their fans home happy.


"We wanna make sure that everybody leaves with a smile on their face, especially in this day and age with everything that’s going on,” Chad Kroeger said  “We wanna be escapism.  We wanna be that place where you can come and just sing along and party and see other Nickelback fans there and it’s just about having a great time.”

One of the featured songs off of the Here & Now CD is "When We Stand" check out the vid.

Drummer Daniel Adair says that the band has developed a unique method of measuring just how successful a night's show has been.  It's called the "high-five factor," and it involves a member of their entourage standing outside as people leave the show and watching their reaction.  "When he sees people high-fiving each other and saying what a great time they had and how interesting and cool the show was, he calls that the high-five factor and we try to keep that factor high,” explains Daniel.

One thing the band does to keep the high-five factor high is make sure they give fans plenty of hits.  "They want to come see the single, I get that," says Chad.  "Real fans that are deep album track fans want to hear more, but we stick to the hits.  It's kinda nice to do that and you get their attention and you hold their attention."

Unfortunately, Nickelback are at the point where they have so many hits that something's gotta give they can't perform all of them, so they'll have to leave a few out. "We can't play for four hours!" laughs Chad.  "Its a wonderful problem to have."

Chad says that it's "tricky" to put together a set list that includes "the songs that everybody wants to hear," as well as their new material.  But it's still an easier job than having to fill out an entire show with just one album.  Brother and bass player Mike Kroeger points out, "I remember back in the day when we only had seven songs and we had to, like, throw covers in just to round out the set!"  "Or play them twice!" recalls guitarist Ryan Peake.

As Nickelback tours North America, they're proud that their shows will attract fans of every age and every demographic, from toddlers to senior citizens.  "You can't peg a Nickelback fan.  It's impossible to do and that's great," says Chad.  "I love, that because we don't make music for one group of people."

However, Mike jokes that he is a bit worried about little kids who are brought to Nickelback concerts by their parents, and exposed to songs about drinking, sex and strippers.  "I just wonder what...the long-term effect [is]?" he wonders. "It's terrifying! Damage to the child!" laughs Chad. "I wouldn't bring my toddler to a show," admits Ryan.