Elephants hold such a soft place in my heart, and apparently they do for a special group in Florida as well.

The National Elephant Center recently opened in Fellsmere, Fla. According to MSN News, the center's "primary goal is to ensure African elephants' long-term survival. The animal is listed as endangered in Asia and vulnerable in Africa.”

Currently four elephants, two females and two males, reside at the center where they love to eat the oranges in the 225-acre citrus farm where the organization is located.

The National Elephant Center is not open to the public. However, it does offer education programs that raise awareness about elephants and the organization's work to care for them. "We also offer limited opportunities to visit in support of these goals,” states the center's website.

Therefore, when you want to donate to a good cause, don’t overlook this gentle giant.

If you'd like to learn even more about elephants, read “When Elephants Weep” by Jeffrey Masson. This book offers great insight into the emotions of elephants.