Texas' favorite party band 'The Mullet Boyz' will be rocking out Shooters in Texarkana this Saturday night.

Sittin' on a tailgate, crankin' Van Halen 1, Devil Without A Cause and Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits at the keg parties we throw over in the pasture across from our single wide trailer. Yee haw baaaaaby!

Pabst Blue Ribbon meets Kentucky Deluxe with a little bit of 1984 IROC-Z mixed in for good measure.

The Mullet Boyz are made up of the following members.

RICKY SUAVE - The Golden Voice & the Ladies Choice
T-BIRD - Guitarz & Cadillacz
M.C. G. MONEY - Bass in Yer Face, my Nizzle!
ROD HOTTER - Skinz, Crashez & Killer 'staches!

Check out the Mullet Boyz doing a great cover of the Night Ranger classic Sister Christtian.