Monday morning blues is the worst! You are tired and don't want to be at work. Maybe you didn't get anything done over the weekend other than play time and now a deadline is looming. Whatever the reason, according to a recent survey, we all dread the Monday morning blues.

According to a new survey, Monday mornings are so depressing that very few people even crack a smile until just before noon. The average time for the first Monday smile is 11:16 a.m. It is almost 10 a.m. at the radio station and I have yet to see the hint of a grin!

Half of the people in the survey said they are usually late for work on Monday after struggling to get up after the weekend. Guilty! I blame it on the Olympics.

The survey says that most people only manage three-and-a-half hours of actual productive work. I disagree with that finding, at least for myself. I am usually in such a zombie state of mind that I get a lot of work done on Mondays. It is probably my post productive day of the week.

The survey also found that when workers aren't late or wasting time at their desks, they are probably complaining. People will actually waste about 12 minutes of time on Mondays whining about it being Monday. Now there is a waste of time.