STILL Missing: Female Shepherd/Husky Mix, 17 months old, spayed and micro-chipped. She was lost when the family was traveling through Texarkana in June. The family stopped at McDonald’s on Richmond Road and when they were walking Luna, she broke from her collar and ran.

The family searched but were unable to find her. She is very scared in part from being lost, but also because she has lived in a quiet community and is not used to the city. She has been raised with a family that has four children and is family friendly. The family is coming back to look for her. They are desperate to find their sweet Luna.

She will NOT come to you--please do not chase her. If seen, please immediately call the numbers listed above so they can set a live-trap in that area. If seen please call 903-798-3535 (during business hours) or 903-748-5031 (after-hours).

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