I have had at least two horses since the day I rescued two from the Texarkana Animal Shelter (now known as the Animal Care and Adoption Center) back in 2006. Now I am down to just one horse.

I rescued a momma and her five month old baby, Harley and Fiona. I sent Harley to a trainer to learn basic riding. That didn't work out so I found her a new home after she helped me find the ground on a cold December day. The ground was frozen. I was sore and not so happy. Training wasn't going to fix her. She just didn't want to be rode, or brushed, or pet.

I quickly found another horse: Lizzy. She is an amazing horse. Likes to hang out with people, be pet, brushed and loved on. She doesn't put me in the dirt either. That gave Fiona a buddy too--one that wouldn't teach her bad habits like her mother.

I later got another horse for my husband to ride named Doc. Turns out we really don't do that much trail riding or riding in general. The hay crunch this year forced us to downsize the horse herd. Fiona and Doc went to a new home earlier this month. It was hard to see Fiona go because I raised her from a baby. She even cried out as I was pulling out of her new driveway after delivering her to the new family. She has a big family now and more room to roam.

Being down to one horse took only about two minutes for me to get used to but Lizzy is a bit slower to adjust. She is treated like a princess now. Her hay is served in a back and hung on the fence now instead of thrown on the ground. Her mane and tail are brushed almost every day. Lizzy gets to stay in the barn all the time now and even has her blanket on already since it has been such a cold rain. She gets treats every day. Its a new life for both of us.

So long Fiona and Doc. Have a happy life!