The annual Quadrantid meteor shower started yesterday and by some accounts peaks today and by others it will peak tomorrow. I'm hoping for tomorrow as I forgot to look until I got to work this morning (Thursday). I saw two meteors within about 5 minutes of each other, even with all of the city lights around. Did you see any?

According to Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2013 Peak: Watch!, the best way to see the shower is to "look north (and a little east) and find the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) then look farther north (which would be roughly "up" if the Big Dipper were holding liquid). The constellation Draco ("Dragon") has a "head" of four bright stars that look a little bit like the four stars that make up the cup end of the Big Dipper. "Up" between the end of the Big Dipper's handle and Draco's head, you should spot the meteors. It's near the constellation Boötes."

I will be looking again tomorrow morning.