With all the attention that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gets thanks to The Voice, fans might assume that he's considering leaving the group in favor of a solo career.  But Adam tells the new issue of Entertainment Weekly that that'll never happen.

Asked whether or not the band's upcoming album Overexposed would be their last record, which is something he also said about their previous album, Hands All Over, Adam Say's "Maybe not. But one thing I know for sure is I'll never be a solo artist."

When asked why, Adam explained, "Being in a band is much more fun. I get enough of the ego satisfaction from [The Voice].  Look at a band like U2 that has been around forever, I'm not sure how people would react to a record called Bono. I don't ever want to be that person.  It's much cooler to be in a band with my bros."