Maroon 5 fans are used to seeing Adam Levine every week on TV as a coach on The Voice, but now, they'll be able to see him and the rest of the group in the flesh, as they hit the road for their Overexposed tour.  The trek kicks off Wednesday night in Columbus, Ohio, with opening acts Neon Trees and Owl City.

The tour will run through the beginning of April, but guitarist James Valentine says that it won't affect Adam's schedule for the fourth season of The Voice, which begins in March, at all.

"The shooting for that is actually pretty condensed,You know, once they go into the live shows, of course, he needs to be there but the beginning of the season, they shoot back-to-back."  In other words, the whole first part of season four has already been filmed, leaving Adam free to rock out on the road with the band.

"They've managed to be very respectful of our schedule," James says of NBC and The Voice. "And we've somehow made it all work. It means that Adam's very busy all the time, but it's all worked so far.  I didn't really know that that would be the case."

James says the band is eager to get out on the road because now, with so many albums under their belt, they've got a lot more songs to play. "You know, it's just amazing, now that we have these four records, we can assemble a pretty solid set list, You know, we've been around long enough that we got a lot of tunes that people wanna hear.  So, it's been fun putting these new sets together."

Unlike many bands who try to perform new material live and get push back from fans who just want to hear the hits, Maroon 5 is lucky that their "new stuff" includes some of their biggest smashes, including "Payphone," "One More Night" and their latest single, "Daylight."

"We're really happy that this album has done as well as it has 'cause we have some new songs that the fans are really excited about and some stuff off the new album that fans haven't heard live yet," says James of playing material from Overexposed. "So, it's gonna be great."

James is equally excited about touring with Neon Trees, the young pop/rock group known for their hits "Everybody Talks" and "Animal." James says he was impressed with them last year when he and his side project, JJAMZ, toured with them.

"They're amazing performers and I think it's gonna be great to have them out on the road because they're gonna, I think, raise the bar for us," says James. "Every night we're gonna have to really bring it after they're on stage 'cause they really rip it up."