Over the 44 years Sesame Street has been on the air, a long list of top music stars have made guest appearances.  For the show's upcoming 45th season, which starts in September of 2014, that list will include two more names: Ed Sheeran and Macklemore.

Billboard has behind-the-scenes footage of both singers filming their appearances on the children's show, which are done way in advance.  The episodes won't air until late 2014.  For his appearance, Macklemore plays a character named Mucklemore, dressed in thrift shop threads and a top hat, who, with Oscar and the other Grouches, sings a "Thrift Shop" parody about garbage recycling.

"I think it's every rapper's dream to make it on Sesame Street," says Macklemore, telling Elmo the Muppet that the show is "the place to be."

As for Ed, he'll be singing an original song with the Muppets about the different rules kids have to follow when they're at home, versus when they're at school.