Lorde, the 16-year-old New Zealand singer whose song "Royals" has exploded on radio and on the charts, has plenty of fans, and some of them are pretty big deals.  Not long after rock legend Elton John declared his admiration for her music, she heard on Twitter from two other famous fans:  Miley Cyrus and Girls star Lena Dunham.

Last week, Dunham, who became pals with Taylor Swift via Twitter, posted about the teen singer, "Wait, Lorde is 16!? She MAY still be a royal! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW AT THAT AGE." It was apparently a reference to The Princess Diaries, but Lorde wasn't sure of Lena's intentions.

"U makin fun of me lena," she asked in response, to which Lena replied, "Not at ALL. I'm massively impressed by you and what you do and when I found out how old you are I almost fell over. Brava!"

Meanwhile, when "Royals" hit #1 at iTunes, Lorde was bombarded by mean tweets from Miley Cyrus fans, who were apparently upset that she had dislodged their queen's "Wrecking Ball" from the top spot.  "wo #1 on US itunes. even if it lasts an hour i feel HAPPY," she tweeted.  "Downside is all these miley fans telling me they're gonna stab my rotting corpse."

But Miley came to the rescue, tweeting to Lorde, "why r people so mean??? PS: your music is awesome."

Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine, will be out later this month.