Ok, it's secret revieling time! I'm a pretty tech-savvy guy, most of my co-workers come to me when they have questions about the latest phones, and frankly I usually have answers for them.

Most of my answers come from hours of messing with my own Android-powered Samsung device and simply figuring out how the darn thing works. But a lot of what I learn also comes form the well-informed staff of PocketNow.com.

These tech-heads produce tons of videos every week, in an effort to educate the public and of course sell products. The thing that sets them apart from some tech reviewers is they really don't seem to care if they give a device a bad review, if it deserves it a bad one, that's what it gets. Likewise if the devise deserves a good review it will get that as well. They just seem to be very fair across the board and I really like that.

You can see their vids through their website or subscribe at YouTube.com.

Watch them in action below!