Several local men written citations in illegal hunting in Sevier County.

Wildlife officers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission recently concluded an investigation of numerous violations related to a 1,300-acre high fence enclosure located near White Cliffs in Sevier County.

Officers cited the owner of the enclosure along with seven other individuals for various violations including: hunting wildlife out of season, night hunting, hunting without a license, checking and tagging violations, and illegal taking of alligator, which can be prosecuted under the Federal Protected Species Act.

In addition, officers are working with AGFC biologists to ensure the animals inside the facility are in compliance with AGFC regulations and do not pose a health concern to Arkansas’s wildlife.

The eight people who were written citations included: Willie Garvin, 47, Texarkana, Texas; George Tony, 46, Dallas; Ken Autrey, 44, Hooks, Texas; Joseph Finley, 53, Landing, New Jersey; Brian Whechel, 34, Texarkana, Texas; Christopher Garvin, 53, Texarkana, Ark.; Tony Murchison, 53, Texarkana, Texas and Juanita Dumas, 41, Texarkana, Ark.

If convicted, the individuals could face fines exceeding $35,000 and the loss of hunting and fishing privileges.

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