He's sexy and he knows it, but a professional tennis player he's not.  LMFAO's Redfoo has failed to qualify for the upcoming U.S. Open tennis tournament, reports The Californian.

Redfoo, whose birth name is Stefan Gordy, lost his opening match at the U.S. Open sectional qualifying tournament earlier this week in Salinas, California.  The 37-year-old musician and rapper was beaten soundly by Scott Gray, a California state champion who's just a year out of high school.

But Redfoo took his defeat lightly, noting, "I say it's a success for me because the journey was so great, and I actually felt good out there. Gray kicked my butt in the score, and he played great."

At the beginning of the match, Redfoo walked onto the court wearing basketball shoes, and proceeded to slip all over the place, until a teenage fan gave him his tennis shoes, which improved the rapper's traction.

"I thought the type of shoes didn't matter," said Redfoo afterward.

After losing the singles qualifying tournament, Redfoo also tried to qualify for mixed doubles with his partner Ayaka Okuno.  Unfortunately, they lost their match too, reports Sports Illustrated.

But Redfoo will still have an entree into the world of tennis, his girlfriend is highly-ranked pro Victoria AzarenkaMeanwhile, Redfoo's LMFAO partner and nephew, Sky Blu, plans to release his solo album, Rebel Music, on July 4.