LMFAO has responded to a report that members Redfoo and Sky Blu are not getting along by creating a special video message poking fun at the rumors.

The New York Post initially reported, in a story with the headline "Duo: Everyday I'm Tusslin'" , that there was tension between the duo over money.  Specifically, the paper claimed that Sky Blu, who is Redfoo's nephew, was upset that his uncle has been booking big-money DJ gigs that have been paying him up to 100 grand a night.

In the video message, Sky Blu is shown asking Redfoo, "All right, man, so what's goin' on with you?" Redfoo, clutching a copy of the New York Post, responds, "Did you see the stuff that they wrote?  About the crazy stuff? Let me read it to you."  Sky grabs for the paper, Redfoo pulls it away, and the two start mock-fighting, shredding the paper and yelling, in reference to the Post headline, "Every day we tusslin'!  Every day we tusslin!"

Then, the fighting stops, and the duo plug their upcoming Sorry for Party Rocking tour, saying, "Come tussle with us!"  Sky Blu has been recovering for months from a serious back injury, but he'll be front and center for the tour, which kicks off next month.