Below is a letter from a listener that asked us to get input from Power Listeners. She needs help!

Laura has been dating her bff's brother and hiding it from her for five months. Should she tell her, end the relationship or continue to hide if from her friend?

Here is Laura’s letter:

For the past five months I have been lying to my best friend. I have been dating her older brother and she has no idea. Not only that, but her parents know and they agree that we should continue to keep it under wraps because she is possessive of her brother and would basically throw a fit if she knew we were dating!

It all started when she went away to college and I stayed here. Her brother and I started hanging out and we hit it off. She will be coming home soon and I want to come clean, but I don't know how. I'm afraid if we keep things quiet I will hardly get to see my boyfriend, but at the same time if we tell her she could end our friendship! What should I do?

Laura needs your help. Please give your advice!