Shreveport rock band 'Lions May Cry' will be playing live this Saturday Night at Hopkin's Icehouse in Texarkana.

Lions May Cry is a three-piece rock group hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana. The band consists of lead singer/guitar player Jimmy Wooten, sister Laura Wooten on bass guitar/vocals and long time friend Cody Lowery on drums and vocals. The first time you hear this "true" power trio; they will definitely have your attention.

Lions May Cry is a combination of Powerful drum beats played with unbridled passion, huge melodically driving bass lines and a lead guitar and vocal sound that is hauntingly beautiful. The band's lyrics are easy to relate to but at the same time touch on the complications of society and the depths of human emotion.

At a live show you will be taken on a musical journey that will leave you wondering what will happen next. The bands progressive sound displays talent that is rarely seen in today's music. Lead guitar solos played straight from the heart, and beautifully seamless musical interludes between songs leave you awestruck. During their performance you will find yourself in the presence of a band that has a sound all their own, in a sea of bands trying to find their identity.