As a supervisor or manager within an organization in Texarkana, do you foster an environment of creativity? If you answered "yes" then I am sure that your staff enjoys working with you. However, wouldn't you agree that all of us could learn from others in the business community?

One such person is Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. Mr. Catmull spoke to a group of neuroscientists during the society's annual meeting where he stated,"a leader's job is to remove the blocks that stifle creativity," according to NBCNews.

Ed Catmull believes that each and every one of us is creative in some way. It's a matter of tapping into the resources within one's self. He spoke of four concepts that need to be fostered within the working environment. The concept that caught my attention was encouraging honesty.

If you don't feel that your voice will be heard then you learn to agree with whatever idea is brought to the table. Therefore your boss never receives a true picture of how you feel because it's not safe to share those feelings. As an employer you need to supply an environment where your staff can be candid without repercussions. Hence, the beginnings of successful creativity are born.