Buying a souvenir T-shirt at a Lady Gaga concert is so five minutes ago.  Gaga is offering her fans much more creative merchandise during her upcoming Born This Way Ball, which kicks off this Friday in Seoul, South Korea.  So far, she's revealed one of the new items on Twitter: meat bandages.

Gaga tweeted, "Monsters, want to see one merch item from the Tour? Its 1 of the small cute ones, but I'm up late+there's no one around to stop me :) #teehee."  She then posted a picture of a metal box of "Lady Gaga Meat Bandages."

The aqua-colored box looks just like a regular box of Band-Aids, but is decorated with a cute anime girl wearing the infamous "meat dress" Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.  There's also a picture on the box of the Band-Aids inside, which are shaped like regular Band-Aids, but are decorated to look just like pieces of raw meat. Can You Say Geeee-Rossss.

"Just in case you fall and scrape your monster knee! I'll be there :)," Gaga added as a caption to the photo.  "l love you, you bandage me up when I need it! Xox."