The Kosmic Girlz and the Koltrane band will be performing at this years Sparks In The Park on June 30th.Three talented sisters, Krystal, Klaira and Katie, in love with music from an early age, came together to form Texarkana's first all-girl cover band, Kosmic Girlz, in September of 2009. Their stage name was a first of many decisions the sisters made that came to them quickly and easily. Changing the "C" in cosmic to a "K" was a clever way to reflect each sisters' first initial and note each girl's individual star power and their combined energy as a group. The girls felt that "Kosmic" was such a perfect fit that the name has stuck and the girls have never considered any others. Check out a video of the Kosmic Girlz and The Koltrane Band in the song 'Never Learn'.