Monday night on The Voice, the battle rounds begin, and this season's celebrity advisors will make their first appearances as well.  One of them is Kelly Clarkson, and no doubt her involvement has some fans asking why American Idol's first and biggest star would go over to that show's biggest competition.  Well, her longtime friendship with coach Blake Shelton, whose team she'll be advising, doesn't hurt.   But it basically comes down to the fact that Kelly just loves The Voice. "I'm a huge fan of the show and everybody knows -- I twittered the crap out of everybody!" Kelly says. "I love that there's teams. I love, you know, Cee Lo, Adam, Christina, Blake.  They do a great job on the show. In fact, Kelly loves the show so much that she actually wants to audition, believe it or not.  "Oh my God! I keep telling my manager I want to try out!" she says.  "I think it'd be so much fun. I want to see how many chairs will turn around!" Kelly admits to some initial trepidation when meeting the singers on Blake's team, though, because they weren't told she would be their advisor. "The unexpected thing, I hate, because some people don't know who I am," Kelly explains. "So, I get nervous before they come in, and I'm like...'It's gonna be really embarrassing if they don't know who I am!'  But they were all really cool." For the mentoring sessions, Blake's team of twelve was split up -- Kelly got six, and Blake's wife, country music superstar Miranda Lambert, got six.  Kelly, however, thinks her team is better and predicts a face-off between her and Miranda, who are both from Texas. "My team is so good.  I love my team!" Kelly exclaims.  "I think they're really talented...I think the other six should watch out!"